Thursday, April 21, 2016

the shift paradigmal

looking the stars he walks the stairs
a bit to strange and grew too old
across the streets
they slip under the bridge
fails to listen
there was passion, need
organize tasks 

life unfolds towards the heat

where did it go?

you unmindful people
across the streets
the old bridge grew too strange

where did it go?

and the lips blended and
formed the moon

life surge unexpected
abbilities to evolve and heal
hidden in the grass
walking through the night
the keep of the last ever light

I know where it go

across the streets
the old brige broke free
and the stars listen the laugh of light
there was passion, need

a dream about the sea
sands at the eyes
a farewell thought

where did it go?

walking in a myriad of stars
a lonely bridge broke free
the laugh of the unexpected life
and the moon smiled

I thought I knew where it go