Friday, October 09, 2009


“Now. It’s the time. When you shut off your mind,” said the wise master older than you would think likely like a computer because without regrets IT was a computer, a laptop if you prefer.
Now was a funny word to our tired character and also protagonist of this kind of intend of something like a story. Because the beliefs are the maps. The more accurate are the maps it more fit our reality and that IS the story; the quality is not the story itself but the way how is tell.
“So, are you ready to give up everything without think about it?” asked the pc laptop wise old master. “You need to be prepared for what it will come when the time is right.”
He thought that this wasn’t odd enough, he was waiting for a spark of light, of silver metallic miltonian light that—if the heart knew—with a smile in the face and a hole in the head would enlighten his path.
Several seconds started to harvest and strange feeling at the exactly time when his breath started to align with the pump of his heart and strangely odd for his perception his thoughts weren’t craving for control.
“I want to believe,” he said. “I am my own path.”
Then a silver metallic light engulfed all the reality of that moment. A rainbow started of nowhere at the sky. The time was now. Every step taken was needed for this precise moment of convergence. The silence was overjoyed with nothing more that willing hands ready to touch and be touched until the right moment appear.
“I see you truly set you mind. There is a road available for you if you truly believe in it. If you show the prayerfulness and the happy heart that constitute you name then, you have the amount of power needed to break the pattern and reveal the path you are looking.” said digitally and consistently robotic the pc wise old master.
He was ready. He took the glass with mead. He felt the silence with happiness. He drank quietly and slowly feeling the warm of the old gods watching.
“Your father would be pleased. He always was proud of you even if he wasn’t able to see your growth and accompany your steps. In some ways he truly knew that the time was coming. Before he jumped a voice at his back whispered Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toi and then, he smiled.”

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