Friday, December 11, 2009

La verdad es que uno comienza a acostumbrarse al teclado y todo se vuelve un poco más simple si bien no está exento de problemas iniciales.

It begins. Don’t cry.
The interview occurred in a fictional city where there are some windmills. The writer statements were strangely odd but at least it was clear that the summary of this season was actually very good and interesting.

This whole new season started with a choice that leaded to an unexpected but yet destined (if you are a man of faith) path that become full of surprises and share.

The fist chapters were very straightforward but it fitted very well to establish some bases to others plots that would arise when the time came.

“It was all about timing but also to take a chance. You know, when you grab a bonbon you have two choices. It’s up to you to see around.” said our writer before take a sip of water.

It’s was without a doubt a better season. However were some details out there that made the important change around. New characters, some names and the gags scenes completed the day.

The season finale is here again. The pattern changed. The season is different. And also the characters are less papery and more complexly magic.

What about the new season?

All the pieces are standing exactly in the cosmic board. It’s up to our character to walk and find his own story.

Keep watching.

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