Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can't see myself on the mirror

Fasten your seat belt
because this
is going to blow
There goes my option
pretty cool uh
Melted with disappointments
whatsoever in need
Lost in translation
damned to chains
of nothing but
forgettable moments
we are dancing carelessly
to our personal
cage of numbness
Am I alone?
he asked everyday
to the mirror
trying again
falling and failing
becoming bitter
seeing everything
happening to another person
just pretending to be alive
crying or laughing
it is the same emptiness
Don’t know how it ends
but in that moment
he feels nostalgic
about the future
Going far away
seeking something
betraying himself
looking for signals
Am I alone?
he asked
one day and the mirror
answer was
you are free to break
the chains of fate that bind you
but first you have to find
your eyes
the ones that are sleeping
waiting to see the light

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