Saturday, March 01, 2008


I look into the spoon mirror so then I see myself and I like the food really I do but, I dislike the selfish one who is reflected. She is old and love is a funny thing, totally strange to it and yet in differents forms and shapes you can see the picture how the colors mix together, the mistakes, the chances, the chains bound in silver chrest along with the misunderstements.
I am a caveman with a reflected upside down head and I do not do a thing to change it.I am silent and a bit arrogant fellow who does not like his reflection and I do not do a thing to change that moment while I chew the food at the table.
I am only dead meat to me and I do not do what I know what is possible to do.
She is getting older you know, and alone. I do not turn my head to look at her then I break the spoon and return to the cave to walk my realm.

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