Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Season Finale

The long awaited season finale is finally here. Andarilho writes about the shocking last episode of these six months and reveals some facts of the supposed all new season next week. Some may be warned of the strange thoughts versed here.

Yes I know, the countdown was 4 hours early…

So, many people ask me (oh well just myself…) how was this semester. What kind of things do I learned, saw, tasted and loved.

But Wait!

It was a dark period. Or just it was long. I tried to focus and think on a happy momento. There aren’t too many of them. So in order to maintain your attention this far on this paragraph I will say it was a couple of weeks when I discover a wonderful RPG in my handheld console. I just was abstracted to a new world. Compelled to travel and fighting monster that eventually could become my allies.

That’s cool but…

Yeah, I know what about the hospital and the lessons of life and medicine waited to emerge in this post called season finale. I don’t know. Today was disappointing but at the same moment predictable.

You were below the rest of the residents and stuff like that.

Maybe I was lazy or not too motivated. Maybe I needed to focus more on what I want to accomplish. Maybe I’m just full of maybes. But something is for certain: it ended today.

It wasn’t just the RPG. I found also some good music and, totally unexpected I was added through a service (not a fan, tough) with some genuine interest (at least at that moment).

Hey you! Your season finale wasn’t anything shocking. And I don’t comprehend the idea of this post.

It matters anyway? Wait to see the all new season starting next week…

Mission complete...

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